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March 03, 2023


Aspiring DC Drivers Are Failing Their Driving Test Because They Can't Parallel Park

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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CA requires efficiency at double parking, location of Emergency Flasher required, but parallel parking is only taboo.

*Personal note, I parallel parked a '65 Pontiac Catalina station wagon on my 16th birthday to get my license the day I turned 16. Also maneuvered around an obstacle course to get my motorcycle license later during that 16th birthday celebration.

Not to worry Congress will amend the law, (but only for its' members), such that the parking space lines will be painted AFTER the vehicle is parked.

Never mind that. I want to see "properly parking within the lines in a parking lot" added to the test.

They get six chances? In Texas, you only get three. What student drivers here do is parallel park badly on purpose. You fail automatically if you touch a pylon, so they just make a token effort to parallel park. The point deduction for parallel parking badly still leaves you with enough to pass the test as long as everything else is good.

No one in Florida can parallel park. And don't even get me started on turn signals.

They want you to be able to fit into those spots that have a parking meter and a fire hydrant. Builds revenue for the city.

There was too much snow the year I took driver's ed, so that class never learned to parallel park. I can do it in my SUV is the space is large enough but dread the idea of ever having to take a driving test these many years later. I've only ever had to pass written tests -- my state test was supposed to be given by a county deputy, but he was a pal of Dad's and didn't bother with the driving part. However, I still am not bothered by snow and ice.

House Republicans will introduce a bill to ban parallel parking.

@Man Tom - That's impressive but I did it in Mom's 18-foot-long'59 Merc Wagon without power steering.

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