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March 03, 2023


McDonald’s Franchisees Say Cardi B And Offset Meal Broke ‘Golden Arch Code’

(Thanks to Robert Moats)


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"Thou shalt not utter profane and offensive lyrics in association with or beneficial advertising of McDonald's." .. or we'll have to lob the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch in your general direction.

Could somebody versed in marketing explain how any celebrity endorser is supposed to make me want to buy the product?

Sounds like the Golden Arches Code might need some re-twerking?

@MOTW McDonalds DOES NOT serve killer rabbit.

What code? "No huge, giant, perfectly round fake boobs"?

Actually they were confused - they thought they were supposed to be advertising for The Whopper - a product of a rival hamburger chain. With the idea that after seeing those whoppers, who would not want to buy a couple. However, there still is the ongoing problem of people attacking the workers at the drive-up windows.

A guy spends a million dollars on franchise rights, and then he wants a say in what we do with the brand?

Imagine if Microsoft bought McDonalds. You drive up to the drive-thru window to place your order.

Perhaps Ms. B and Offset can offer their talents (such as they might be) for Charles's coronation.

What code?

I've heard of Cardi B. but I've never heard of Offset.
Maybe, instead of worrying about questionable celebrities, McDonald's should concentrate more on the food quality. I got a chicken sandwich from our local place a few months ago and I actually felt bad for the chicken who gave up his life to be on that sorry looking sandwich.

Bring back Barry M and his MackyD's promotional songs. They were fun.

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