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March 12, 2023


A giant seaweed bloom that can be seen from space threatens beaches in Florida and Mexico

(Thanks to MOTW)


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Sargassum is useful as part of cattle feed at concentrations up to 10%, but getting it from Atlantic beaches to inland cattle ranches is a logistical problem that may not be cost-effective. Why not use it at an iguana ranch in Florida?

Will the manatees eat it?

Will the goats eat it?

Being seen from space is over rated. Does the press report it every time a certain recent record-of-the-year winning singer bends over at the beach ?

We're gonna need more ranch dressing!

The Oregon Highway Department is standing by with a full warehouse of dynamite should Florida or Mexico call for help.

Probably why Columbus called the area "the Sargasso Sea" when he sailed thru it.

Hopefully, the iguanas and pythons will eat it.

I saw Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt open for the Nylons.

Bring back the McLean Deluxe. Problem solved.

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