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March 01, 2023


Quahog clam found off Florida coast believed to be 214 years old

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says “as later confirmed by its valid Florida driver’s license.”)


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Probably a tough clam.

Was it all gorked out?

Probably past the Best By date anyhow.

Uh, how exactly did it "make a visit"? It's not like it can get up and walk?

Joan Rivers still holds the record.

Happy as a quahog. Which leads me to the idea that the DBBlog could do some original research and determine what makes a clam 'happy'. And how do you measure happy? Is there a scale of happiness, such as from 1 to 10? "He was the happiest clam we found until we popped it into the chowder pot." Sort of like a turkey who is well fed and happy right up to Thanksgiving Day, and then Pullet Surprise.

I am moved by this article to get back to my writing so someday I may be able to write good, or someday even better. Here's my ideas for some titles:

- Moby Quahog, or The Clam
- The Old Clam and the Sea
- A Clam I Am (children's book)
- Clamalot

Also my friend who is the president of the Canadian Pork Board wants to remind you that a quahog is not a pig or in any way a porcine creature. He says they have a great selection of pork cuts from the Canadian superpigs. Could you use some nice pork chops? Some great breakfast sausage? Have a nice day, eh.

Its name is believed to be Babs Pewterschmidt.

O'er the clam parts...

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