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March 03, 2023


Asteroid the size of 14 flamingos to skim past Earth Wednesday

(Thanks to Roberto and Ralph)


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How much is that in Robins?

Does that mean that the asteroid is pink?

How many trailer parks is that?

If it gets closer, we can shoot it down with one of our "Nuclear Manhole-Cover Rockets".

OK, it's pretty clear that somebody at NASA reads this blog and is familiar with the ongoing standard units discussion.

Makes me wonder what the next unit of measure will be. Aardvarks? Sun bears that look like dogs? Toilet snakes? Giant huntsman spiders?

I'm still working on the comparison of air-speed velocity and weight ratios between European and African Swallows.

What is that in storks ?

King Arthur: Is that an African Flamingo or a Caribbean Flamingo?
Old Man From Scene 24: I don't know that!

I only regret that I have but one asteroid to skim passed my country.

Nathan Flamingo

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