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March 03, 2023


A manhole cover launched into space with a nuclear test is the fastest human-made object.

(Thanks to Robert Moats)


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Operation Plumb bob? Something about this story doesn't seem all that true.

The asteroid would make less poop mess than the flamingoes.

Actually, not true. You can't go very fast on I95. FL112 is another matter, however.

Two words: Alice Kramden

One of my uncles worked at Nellis AFB, and witnessed most of the bomb tests out there. He might well have seen this blast. He also worked at Area 51 on occasion. He wouldn't talk about what he did there.

Maybe the "manhole cover" was really a spacecraft launched to send the captured aliens home.

No big deal. We discussed hypersonic manhole covers in Cosmetology School where I was studying to be an astronaut. What happened - somebody did not take the easy lob and make some humorous remark about manhole covers and Uranus. You guys have not had your coffee and cigarette yet this morning?

From the Wikipedia page on Project Orion
“ Early versions of this vehicle were proposed to take off from the ground; later versions were presented for use only in space. Six non-nuclear tests were conducted using models. The project was eventually abandoned for multiple reasons, including the Partial Test Ban Treaty, which banned nuclear explosions in space, and concerns over nuclear fallout.”

So much for Unidentified-Aerial-Phenomena, and hello Un-Funded-Opportunity!

At last.....Interstellar Frisbee Golf.

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