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March 01, 2023


Man found alive ‘nine years after he was cremated’

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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The zombie apocalypse.

That's why I NEVER use those non-dairy creamers.

Obviously, they didn't pay the gas bill that month.

The complimentary Brazilian death certificate is on the way!

Related to Keith?

I didn't even know they were looking for me!

They had one job to do!

@ripleysparrow - And, no doubt, a Florida driver's license

Did he read the fine print on the contract? Does he get his money back for failing to cremate? On the other hand the state considers him dead so he could go anywhere and establish himself as some celebrity such as a priest who transforms to something horrendous.

At least he didn't make an ash out of himself.

NC: Is that a Galaxy Quest quote from you?

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