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March 23, 2023


Lab-grown chicken is one step closer to being sold in the US

(Thanks to Ronald Troyer, who says "No.") 


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With a little luck, it will be sold to China.

Soylent Green is people.

Perhaps we can get that Pastor to pray it will grow chicken fingers?

The Quarrymen rejected " Lab Grown Chicken " before settling on " The Beatles ".

Oh, no. Not again!

Next comes another lawsuit against Buffalo Wings about how their 'wings' are not actually wings and are not actually chicken. Looks like the lawyers win no matter which way things go.

Maybe we need some lab-grown scientists.

Will they wear tiny lab coats?

Life imitates art.

So if it will be sold in the US how will they get it into the US? Re: the post about the large woman who was caught sneaking booze into a bar. Suggest they hire this woman. But have yet to figure out why somebody would want to smuggle booze INTO a bar?

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