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March 26, 2023


Beetles suck water into their butts to stay hydrated, and now scientists know how

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I saw Dry Butt Sucking Beetle's Rectum get booed off the stage when they played background for My Sweet Lord.

Anyone can do that; try water skiing.

Hopefully, this will slow the epidemic of dehydrated scientists we've been plagued with of late.

There must be an easier way to keep your gerbils from being thirsty.

This story was first reported as: "NASA scientist discovers water in Uranus"

I knew beetles suck, but I didn't know the details.

Kids! Come pursue an exciting career in science! (Bring a towel.)

Don't give beer companies any ideas.

Cowboys in the Old West would say:

"You ain't nuthin' but a butt suckin' water beetle!"

That subhead is a great example of how intonation can change the meaning of a sentence.

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