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March 16, 2023


Hi! Here’s an attention grabber -- Intact America is sponsoring Foreskin Day on 4/4, the FOREth of April. You can have fun with this.


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Tips are appreciated…

Something really scary happened to me the other day. My wife had cataract surgery and the next day we were at the docs for a follow-up appt. She started to talk to an elderly gentleman sitting next to her. The gentleman turned out to be a practicing mohel.

Really scary: a practicing mohel with vision problems.

Have Fun With Your Foreskin Day?

Sorry, that ship has sailed.

Believe it or not, foreskins from circumcised infants are used as a source of fibroblast cells for wound healing research. I once worked for a year at the Shriner's burn hospital in Galveston, and periodically we'd get foreskins because we needed more of these cells.

So the cuts might be in pain, but not in vain.

It was inevitable with Cinco D (5/5) right around the corner.
I suppose 2/2 is easy (#2 day).
Any suggestions for 3/3, etc....?

Did our forefathers celebrate Foreskin Day?

So serving dishes containing calamari would be in order?

We missed "March Forth!"

How about Gettysburg Day - "Foreskins and seven years ago ...?

I need some help and am calling upon the collective experience of the DBBloggers. Recall back to the post about the guy who attacked a cop with a large blue dildo. My wife has an identical one but the batteries have failed and she cannot find any replacement batteries. She has been using her car battery and some jumper cables but she is getting tired of having to put the battery back in her car every morning so she can get to work. So any suggestions on where she can get replacement batteries? We have already tried size 'D' batteries and those don't work. Sorry to interrupt the flow of this blog, so talk amongst yourselves again. That is all.

Not to worry, even the car battery drains the jumper cables make excellent nipple clamps.

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