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March 12, 2023


International Team of Scientists Develop Smart Diaper That Alerts Parents When It Is Soiled and Needs to Be Changed

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)

Some future parent to some future baby: "DON'T POOP NOW! Your diaper is installing an update!" 


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Plug-in, cordless, or hybrid?

Can we apply this technology to the chairs in the chambers of Congress?

What... Has Covid crashed everyone's sense of smell ...?!

Works for the elderly too. I tried it and the diaper/soiled alarm went off - I tried to shut it off but could not. The rest of the people in my home started complaining about the rude alarm. I told them to just turn off their hearing aids. My attendant just unplugs my monitor alarm. I understand the future is that the soiled diaper alarm can be hooked up to alert your smart phone via some soiled diaper alarm app, whatever that is. "Alexa, turn that damn alarm off."

In case there's something wrong with your nose OR you can't tell by the look on their face when they're loading up! 🤪

What Clankie said. I thought it's obvious whenever detonation occurs.

I thought the litter box that sends an alert every time your cat takes a dump was pathetic, but this tops it.

Technology is a little behind with this.

At one point my household had three in diapers; statistically, that's about 20 hours a day of lumpies.

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