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March 16, 2023



(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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This is what it looks like when a small fish is gobsmacked.

The video is from Science Girl, on Twitter at @gunsandrosesgirl13. She says it illustrates the "special relationship" pearl fish have with sea cucumbers. When they feel they need protection, they go into the cucumber's anus.

Is this like friends with benefits?

There's no place like home.

@Peter - I'm eating breakfast here!

Soon to be a new ride at Disney World.

I dunno, Peter. That fish looked like it was trying to get away but was sucked in. Sorta like the Death Star pulling in the Millenium Falcon.

Or maybe it's the Dax symbiont joining with another host.

This is why fish are kept in aquariums and not hot tubs or swimming pools.

Mickey Dolenz on drums. Is that a Hallucinogenic sea cucumber?

Seems like they should have posted a warning sign on the tank - "Warning - no lifeguard on duty - swim at your own risk." So will this be the basis of a new movie around the theme of "Jaws"? Maybe titled "Anus". And include such lines as "We're going to need a bigger aquarium." And maybe this would be the final thing that brings Gary Larson out of retirement and start publishing 'The Far Side' again.

Got a nice bridge or some prime shorefront property to unload? The pearl fish looks like quite the easy mark. "Sure," says the sea cucumber, "I've got some protection for you. It's right behind me. Take a look." A few seconds later, a reverse fart noise ensues.

Customers nearby, ya can't lose.

Certainly quite a plot twist from the usual "cucumber found hiding in his anus" links we see here.

It was a one-in-a-million shot, Doc.

Wow, a hole-in-one!

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