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March 23, 2023


Homeowners discover pink 1970s ‘conversation pit’ hidden under their floors, and TikTok is obsessed

(Thanks to Robert Moats)

TikTok is easily obsessed. 


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Gender reveals can be the pits.

Maybe they can attend an EST seminar too. Park an AMC Pacer out front. Show off their collection of bolo ties. (This is effective only if the wearer has never even been near an agricultural concern.). Rake the shag carpeting. The possibilities are endless and as long as it’s them and not me I’m OK with it.

I only have an AMC Gremlin - can I still attend? And my neighbors said they would be interested in attending - one has a hatchback Chevy Vega and the other has a station wagon Pinto. People that drive down are street think they have just entered a time warp. Better yet, maybe a person-made worm hole.

TikTokers need to get a life.

A note from Judi left on the Captain's chair on the DBBlog Bridge:

Cap'n Dave, the repair guy came by to fix the Roomba. He said you have one more week on the warranty and wanted to know if you would like to purchase an extended warranty? Also, he said they now sell accessories where you can convert units to other units (such as penguins to corgis), an automatic asteroid detector, and new this year an accessory that allows you to squeeze thru wormholes once they get that technology perfected. He needs a response from you soon.


If you listen very, very carefully, you can hear echoes of the last sound heard in the newly rediscovered conversation pit: "Zzzzzzz ..... zzzzzz ......"

It would be cool to sit down in there and watch Dick Cavett Show and Odd Couple reruns on a big old Admiral color TV. Do they still make Bugles?

So no one was gobsmacked?

@ripley - Yes! You can still buy Bugles in the U.S., but Canada has discontinued carrying them. Remember Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor ..?
(I didn't say it had to be a 'good' memory.)

Conversation? Is that what people did before texting was invented?

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