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March 25, 2023


French blame 'Americanisation' of baking bread for causing farting epidemic

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I wanted to take the Groovy 70's Quiz on Page 4, I believe it was, but alas, I guess ya gots to have the paper edition.

Short answer, "No." Everything IS our fault (where "our" is white male baby boomer Americans."

I guess that gets the butter & garlic cream sauces off the hook.

It's called Wonder Bread for a reason. You wonder what made you so gassy.

Attention Frenchmen: I fart in your general direction.

The first draft of "The Americanization of Emily" was called "The Americanization of Baking Bread".

The gas crisis.

Some German's visiting the south of France softly farted. France immediately surrendered and asked for American tanks to arrive léché regardless of developed crust and no matter if they are spongy.

My heartfelt apologies. Pass the butter.

I can see where France could make a significant contribution to slowing climate change by selling only fully baked bread. I suspect someone will come out with a statistic that shows that humans who fart from eating unbaked French bread contribute more methane than all the methane attributed to cows farting.

I blame the sodium aluminum phosphate.

What are they complaining about?
Now they can choose between excessive body odor or farts.

Being French, means you can have it all!

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