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March 08, 2023


Tesla is under investigation over reports of steering wheels falling off inside 2023 Model Y cars.

(Thanks to wiredog and Rod Nunley)


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One foot on the brake and one on the gas, hey!
I ain't got no steering wheel

No big deal, it is supposed to have "self-driving mode".

"Hold my steering wheel and watch this!"

Sheesh, people sure expect perfection, don't the3y ?

And somewhere, somebody who inspected and approved this is on Elon's payroll. Whoever it is much take real pride in their work.

Aren't they self-driving making the steering just a vestigial ornament, so it's one foot on the gas (battery?) and the other foot on the horn!

Well the midnight headlights blind you on a rainy night
Steep grade up ahead, no steerin' wheel, makin' no time,
But I got to keep rollin'
Those windshield wipers slappin' out a tempo,
Keepin' perfect rhythm with the song on the radio,
But I still got no steerin' wheel

Do they fall off before or after the Tesla bursts into a ball of flame?

It's NOT the retaining bolt (P/N1036655-00-A), which attaches the steering wheel to the steering column, it's the nut behind the wheel.

I thought Musk was in the Wheel House? This was sort of a time bomb ticking, tick, tock, tick ... Perhaps they will open a plant in Wheeling?

I was once given an old clunker as a loaner while my car was being repaired. It turned out the driver's seat was being held on with one bolt — with no nut. When the bolt fell out, the seat tilted back 45° with me in it. Fortunately, the steering wheel was still attached. I found the bolt, stuck it back in, and held it there temporarily with a rubber band. The garage did not think this was a big deal.

That is how Tesla was able to discount the cost of their vehicles recently to compete with rival e-car manufacturers. We can sell these cars cheaper if we reduce the number of parts in them - okay, lets take the bolt out of the steering wheel. Next time maybe reduce the number of cup holders instead.

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