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March 21, 2023


Owl swoops into courtroom, sends magistrate 'running out screaming'

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "Guess who put him up to it.")


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Yeah, but The Three Stooges already had this covered in one of their episodes, "Disowlder in the Court". Just follow the clues from Abbot & Costello, "Whoooos on first?" "That is correct your Honor, the owl is on first."

Sounds like it must have been a real hoot!

"Did some people from The Owl Rescue Centre just show up or am I feeling the effects of the Hallucinogenic corned-beef sandwich I had for lunch?"

I see the writer of that article left out the part about how he actually ran out screaming like a little girl. Good for them!

"Hello, The Owl Rescue Centre how can I help you?"

"Is a Mynah bird the same thing as an owl?"

"No, completely different."

"No, completely different.

"What, that's what I just said."

"What, that's what I just said."

Owl be damned.

A note left on the DBBlog Bridge: "Dave, the repairman is coming to fix the Roomba tomorrow, so you will have to disconnect it from the Bridge controls. Assuming it is working by midnight tomorrow night I need to have it vacuum the Bridge floor. I know you are always critical about me not cleaning the thing but I do it religiously before reconnecting it. I do note that the dust bag has a large accumulation of red dust such as from somebody eating the flaming hot Cheetos. And I do not eat that stuff, soooo.... Not that I am complaining." Signed, Judi

@man tom I thought a mynah bird was under 21 years old.

Owl's well that ends well.

@Steverino - Har! My Mynah bird story. Back in Jr. High my best fiend, Butch, had an uncle and grandparents who lived close by. Doug, his uncle had a Mynah bird residing in his/her cage in the living room. When you entered the front door your attention was immediately directed to an old man coughing up in a very distinctive Emphysema-matic storm. Or if the old man wasn't around, away from his perch, you would hear his uncle saying, "take it off!"

To this day I can still hear them. Oh, the stories I could tell.

This is pretty good.

Justice is coming, one courtroom at a time.

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