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March 22, 2023


'Rare and giant' trapdoor spider species, Euoplos dignitas, discovered in Brigalow Belt

(Thanks to Christopher Shelley, The Fourth George and Robert Moats)

*Right below the Brigalow Suspenders.


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I'd be getting rid of any trapdoors in my house.

Always the last place you look.

Isn't the Brigalow Belt located just beyond Uranus close to the hemorrhoid belt?

Ground opens up, giant spider emerges. I don't care if it's non-venomous, I'll not be checking out the Brigalow Belt anytime soon.

rimshot to Dave

Huntsman's are still the king.

Brigalow Belts are imported from Brigadoon.

Nope, nope, nope. Not clicking on the link to see a n y t h i n g after the fair warning in the headline. [goes to scrub skin with a brillo pad]

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