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March 27, 2023


Hello admin,

I have found your website from a google search and visited.


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Careful what you wish for!

Resistance, in this case, is useful.

You can check in any time you like, but you can never leave.

It was suppose to go to the former dictator Idi Admin?

Could they have meant Mad Men?

Someone's knockin' at the door
Somebody's ringing the bell
Do me a favor, bolt the door closed and run away
(ooo, yeah yeah)

Admin? This guy is on to us. We better change the password.

So, Dave, given the strenuous job it is to remain constantly vigilant for hours on end on the bridge of the DBBlog you must need to have some time off, to de-stress, and just relax. But where do you or can you go? After all these critical life issues you address each day I can imagine you cannot get this paranoia monkey off your back. A vacation in Florida, ha. Anywhere else in the world you probably are tired of pinching cause you fear that every toilet has a python lurking in it. Go to Canada - forget it - the feral pigs are taking over. Camping - jumping spiders. Scorpions, rats, well you know about those. You can't even drive a car for fear of winding up in a swimming pool somewhere. Perhaps the best place to go is into some crawl space of a house like that plumber guy that was recently just reported. I mean if you are trying to make a run at Pulitzer #2 where can you go to just get some peace and quiet just to write?

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