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March 01, 2023


A dispute between neighbors in La Porte County resulted in a woman being mooned.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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During which lunar time zone did this occur?

As far as the 'humping gesture', what choice did he have.

Better than being "suned".

A friend of mine works in LaPorte IN. in a factory. He said they had 2 openings for semi-skilled factory work. Out of 200 applicants, 100 had previous felonies, 50 did not know how to measure using a ruler, another 45 did not understand fractions or decimals. The remaining 5 were not geniuses, but they were able to hire 2.

Are we sure this didn't actually occur in Flathead County?

Don’t look Ethel!

"Pole barn"? She has a barn to store poles in? What sort of poles? Telephone? Stripper? Eastern European?

Did they mean to say that she was marooned in La Porte County?

Always refreshing to encounter a story like that where one gets to see the light of day.

klez beat me to it

@MOTW - Great minds!

@MOTW and klezmerphan - And all these years I thought it was “Fools seldom differ.” :-)

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