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March 23, 2023


Even worms make complex decisions

(Thanks to EricY, who says “FedEx them overnight to Washington.”)


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They sleep with the fishes.

And then they end up on the hook for having made them.

How complex is complex here? If you hook enough of them into some special configuration (series, parallel, series parallel?) could you come up with some AI-related device? Worm learning? Here's an opportunity for a retired fisherman (not the kind that are catch & release or a fly fisherman) to revolutionize the computing world by figuring all this out.

I expect all bait shops will be out of stock soon - "We have some nice salmon eggs." Another Allen Turing maybe? And as they say when you do the hokey-pokey, that's what it's all about.

These are Nematodes (roundworms). The picture shows earthworms, which are Annelids (segmented worms), which are the type that are articulated.

Annelids can have multiple brains; they are far smarter than Nematodes. Some are even in Congress.

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