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March 03, 2023


National Park Service encourages folks to ‘never push a slower friend down’ in bear encounters

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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"Hey just to check up on our friendship before we head into the woods, you are gonna die if we encounter a bear."

Tripping isn't the same as pushing is it?

My daughter Lily replied: "only a bar-bear-ian would do that."

So just tell your slow friend it's really a dog and then run around them, (but how are they defining "slow" in this situation)?

Your daughter shows promising talent, Peter.

Bears can outrun a horse in a short sprint. If a bear is attacking, it will be on top of both of you before you can get away, pushing notwithstanding. Almost all Black Bear "attacks" are much slower "bluff charges" meant to get you to back off.

Brown Bears, however, consider their presence to be sufficient warning; further notice is rarely given. Just grin down the bear like Davy Crockett.

They aren't bear. They have fur on.

If the friend is slower than you, there's no need to push him down. The bear will catch him instead of you anyway.

Isn't this kind of like saying "Don't murder your friend."? Aren't there criminal codes that would address this? Maybe a lawyer advised the Park Dept they should issue this?

Maybe it's OK if your friend is a Tibetan Mastiff.

Take some hedgehogs along to throw at the the bear if it attacks. Sort of like the:

"Look for the Bear necessities.
The simple Bear necessities.
I mean the Bear necessities,
Old Mother Nature' recipes ..."

Oops - that's the Jungle Book. We need to check the Forest Book. I don't remember, didn't Dave cover this subject in one of his many books?

what about a slower enemy?

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