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March 16, 2023


Why Did Scientists Wait So Long to Study the Snake Clitoris?

(Thanks to Brad Slager)


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They are just working their way down the family tree - I mean there are lots of other clitorii to get thru before getting to the snake. Word has it they were delayed in studying the homosapien's clitoris and ran out of money and had to apply for more grant money to resume. But they did get the money and back on track - after all, the world wants to know.

Orgasmic snakes?

They probably just couldn't find it.

*Please don't hurt me*

Snake Clitoris opened for Madonna

Some things just shouldn't be studied.

What's the other snake's name?

Well, they CLAIM they found it, but I have my doubts.

Turns out they were looking in the wrong place. It is down the snakes throat. Thanks to Linda Lovelace and her ground breaking movie Deep Throat.

Even the male snakes couldn't find it.

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