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March 26, 2023


Giant 'city killer' asteroid to fly by Earth TOMORROW - and it's bigger than 4,000 buses

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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But not bigger that the 4001st.

This is the same as the 22 tuna fish sized asteroid reported earlier, only it has mysteriously enlarged from 90 meters to 30 miles.

Blame Brexit.

UPDATE: jpost has recalibrated from tuna fish to armadillos.

How big a city are we talking about here? Folks in Mississippi are especially curious in that regard.

I wonder if there will be greyhounds on that asteroid.

I saw 4,000 thousand buses at Coachella.

How many Weinermobiles is that?

@W2575 A boatload.

Wasn't 33 armadillos at Coachella?

4000 Busses.....More proof the metric system is a failure.

Pretty sure it's not a city-killer until it kills, you know - a city.

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