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March 26, 2023


Apparently, sniffing the sweat of another person could be a useful way to give your mental health a boost, says a team of Swedish researchers

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Just a general "person" or a particular person? Because that could make a difference. If we're talking sniffing Madonna's armpit, I pass. But there are other celebrities who..
never mind.

'Apparently' and 'could be' have been proven by rigorous statistical analysis to connote enough vagueness to be acceptable enough to apply for more grant money.

Is that how the DBBlog staff gets the team mentally boosted and ready for another tough day of Pulitzer Prize winning work sorting thru blog posts. "Okay team, 50 push ups, 50 jumping jacks, 50 burpees. Good. Now sniff each other's armpits. Annnnnnnd, let's get to it."

Elisa Vigna, of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, reminded people who proposed adding an 'i' and rearranging the vowels in her name would not be given a placebo should they qualify for her ongoing research experiment. Ms. Vagina also revealed she for sure has a band lined up for the next round of far out mental health experiments.

The joy is in realizing that it’s someone else who has brought that awful stench into the room. Like reading the news, we can feel so much better about ourselves for knowing that we didn’t make the headlines on a given day.

Is why the first time some people ride the subway turns out to be their last?

Placebos: experimental subjects' best friends.

This is great news. Imagine a proctologist - what does this guy tell himself on Monday morning when he has to get out of bed and the first thing he has to look at is some poor soul's backside. But, with this new breaking research, this guy can just roll next to his wife and say "Honey, lift your arm so I can smell you armpit. Snifffffffff, ahhhhhh. That's just what I needed. I think I will dash off to work early so I can get cracking at looking up some poor soul's backside."

Were these researchers inspired by watching dogs sniff each other's butts?

It depends on how you got sweaty.

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