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March 22, 2023


Men tunnel out of Virginia jail cell, then are found at IHOP

The first place you look is Waffle House.

(Thanks to Dennis Walter and Robert Moats)


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“…Hampton police received a tip from someone at the restaurant…”

Unlike me…

I gotta go with Dave. I would have looked at Waffle House too.

Sounds like they need to serve more pancakes in jail.

Contempt of court? Looks like contempt of jail facility is a warranted new charge.

"These days, everyone needs a pancake".

You never expect someone to drop a dime on you at 3 AM, but it happens. Best to avoid public places, especially the subway.

I wonder if Andy Dufresne would have been caught had he hung around for breakfast.

Collaring cons in a crowded restaurant can be a sticky situation.

"At Waffle House, You Are Family" No wait, I didn't get that right.

You would think these geniuses would have ditched their orange jump suits that have Hampton Jail painted on the back. But fortunately for them the Virginia Highway Dept personnel also wear the same jump suits. So I guess thought they could hide out in the crowd - everybody in the IHOP was wearing the same orange clothing. Perhaps it was when they began harassing the waitress for more syrup.

No, not Waffle House. Too many police eat there.

I think DENNY'S would've been a wiser choice.

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