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March 01, 2023


Police find 850 kilos of cocaine washed up on French beach

(Thanks to EricY, who says “Mon dieu, dude.”)

(Yes, Highly Agitated Mollusks WBAGNFARB.)


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WWOHDD (What Would the Oregon Highway Department Do)?

First it was 'Cocaine Bear'
Now it's 'Cocaine Clams'
And possibly a new series of movies called 'Cocaine Sharknado'

The French Police will give the rightful owner 30 days to retrieve it or it all goes for sale at their abandoned bicycle auction.

It's alwasys the last place you look.

"Cocaine Clams" sounds kinda dull. Now "Cocaine Crabs" has the WOW factor in its name.

Being French, the smugglers of course surrendered immediately.

How does a clam act when it is highly agitated? Is it more heightened then "gorked out" .. or "gobsmacked"?

How does one translate "square grouper" into French?

Looks like they could use a little mussel for protection, if youse catch my drift.

- Jacques “le Frommage” du Jour

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