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February 06, 2023


Blobs of human brain planted in rats hold promise for a new treatment    

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Mrs man tom while standing next to my desk saw the story, the headline, then remarked, "make the rat more stupid."

She thinks highly of me though.

If it would produce a super rat that could defeat the squirrels, I might be for it. But I'm not holding my breath.

"Brain organoids" has such a friendly, natural ring to it, no?

As if we needed more politicians.

Ben II: Welcome to Our New Overlords

"Blobs of Human Brain" WBAGNFARB

So, blobsmacked?

I do not see the humor in this story.

LOL @ Mrs man tom!

This story, though, is getting creepily close to “Have you caught the white fly?”

The rats started complaining that after the human brain transplant surgery all they wanted to do was lay around and watch professional wrestling and 'The Housewives of Philadelphia' on TV.

The rats of NIMH

PLEASE don't send these rats to Washington.

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