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February 13, 2023


Porsche SUV lands upside down in Colorado home


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Must have been those Eagles fans celebrating

Why is it always the premium vehicles that go bad ?

I truly believe that when you buy a car worth more than $60,000, you get a certificate that allows you to drive like a complete a--hole.

The driver was ".. booked into jail on charges of careless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs .. and texting while driving."


I suppose that if that person was driving a Yugo or Gremlin or Vega it would be no big deal. Driving under the influence of stupidity is not a driving infraction?

Why is that cats always land right side up, but buttered toast lands upside down?

Without hesitation I would say, “gas and brake confusion.”

I have been to the CHOC hospital parking structure many times in the past. I thought about it, but never took this shorter route from the fifth floor to the third floor.

I voted number one for the Porsche Superbowl commercial.

Reach breakneck speeds like never before, 0 to 125 in 4 seconds from a sitting still start. We've done away with Rack and Pinion steering with our all new exhilarating mind tickling (TM) handling package, 'GOTracked and Spinning' standard feature package. Also, equipped with standard rooftop backup camera in case you ever need it. Porsche, you'll be out of control in 4.

@cfjk And if you strap a piece of buttered toast to the back of a cat, you have a thing that hovers in the air.

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