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February 13, 2023


Google cautions against 'hallucinating' chatbots, report says

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Isn't this what's commonly known as Congressional Plausabile Deniability?

Like Google's?

So chatbots are qualified to become politicians, it would seem.

Looks like this is going to put a lot of college stoners out of work.

I would suggest to watch out for very subtle hacking, I mean don't fall into the trap where the output seems so stupid that it could not be from an AI source. Watch out for artificial stupidity - it may be smarter than you think. It takes stupid to fool stupid, I say.

"Hallucinating Chatbots" would be a good name for a rapper.

Google has been on the back foot after OpenAI, a startup Microsoft (MSFT.O) is backing with around $10 billion, in November introduced ChatGPT, which has since wowed users with its strikingly human-like responses to user queries.

Dear ChatGPT *typing ensues, the two ingered kind*

"I am a 15 year old who is constantly in conflict with my parents who like every day remind me to take a shower and change my socks and underwear. In protest I plan to never, ever take a shower ever again like for the next 40 years. Can you respond with a striking human-like response depicting what I will look like when I'm 55 years old?

"Chatbot - Click here."

Do they eat magic mushrooms?

"This then expresses itself in such a way that a machine provides a convincing but completely made-up answer,"

Sounds like online dating.

Specifically, "troggs" here probably refers to people who trust technology too much without looking at the problem objectively. They are delusional by the human "cover" of chatbots. However, in my opinion, we need to realistically consider the remaining limitations of technology. Chatbots are still just a product of technology and can hardly replace humans. This title opens up an interesting perspective to reflect on this issue.

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