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February 06, 2023


Group of kids come 'eye-to-eye with Bigfoot' after following awful smell in forest

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says “That children saw it convinces me.”)


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I have an app on my phone for Bigfoot sightings that was listed in a news story by the Wall Street Journal.

That reminds me to pick up my good Bigfoot suit from the cleaners.

The truth be known, Bigfoot has poor eye sight, and everything for him is a fuzzy blur too.

In their defense, to their credit they didn't try to blame it on the dog.

Well He looked at me, and I, I could see
That before too long He'd break loose from that tree
I couldn't run any faster (Whooh)
After I saw him standing there

I have a size 15 shoe. They used to call me bigfoot.

All those "blurry photos" over the years? Crystal clear. Bigfoot is blurry.

There is a simple explanation for the creature - it was Al Gore.

Are the kids sure they weren't simply following a thru hiker on the Pacific Crest Trail? Those folks get more than a little scraggly and ripe-smelling after a few weeks on the trail.

" they came 'eye-to-eye with Bigfoot' after they followed a 'God-awful smell' "

They wandered into New Jersey ?

He's not really THAT blurry, he just puts out a bad vibe.

On the plus side, if they ever DO catch one, he's guaranteed a multi-million dollar advertising contract working for the man-scaping industry promoting their products.

Children's reported sightings from 1963. Cited in The Mirror. Who could doubt such uncontestable sources?

I don't believe a word of it - finding youth without a phone is more difficult that sighting Big Foot.

What about the movie rights for his life story? "FROM WILDMAN TO METRO-SEXUAL" Or maybe even a remake of KING KONG where this time he gets the girl & they live happily ever-after?

@MBP: Are you confusing carbon footprint with shoe size?

Matty told Hatty
About a thing she saw
Had two big horns
And a wooly jaw

The sighting was in 1963, when portable phones hadn't yet been invented. If it happened nowadays, both the kids and the Bigfoot would be filming it for social media.
"The crew followed the stench with their eyes..." How do you do that?

Something really special.

The warning, "Let's not be L-7", means "Let's not be square", from the shape formed by the fingers making an L on one hand and a 7 on the other.

As demonstrated here.

Man Tom, that is possibly the weirdest video clip I have ever seen. I commend you!

Slow and blurry news day, eh?

Imagine this conversation from the kids without cell phones: "Mr Foot, can we use your cell phone to take a selfie?" What is the plural form of Big Foot? - Big Feet, Big Foots? What do you call a gathering of Big Feet/Foots? - A Fetish. So do they have formal dances and what are they called - Hair Ball, Fur Ball? A conversation between two Big Feet "Your turn to clean the hair from behind the toilet."

@Steverino - Don’t ever go shoe shopping in Japan. Once at a shoe store in Tokyo there was a display of pro-wrestler Giant Baba’s shoes. People were gawking at the size. A co-worker said he went in with his little brother, who tried on one of the shoes as a lark. It fit him perfectly.

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