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February 07, 2023


New Yorker sets off on dream trip Down Under only to realise he booked his ticket to Sidney, Montana instead of Sydney, Australia when he arrived

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Did he really think that Dash-8 he was flying in was going to make it across the Pacific?

But on the upside, he was close enough to Flathead County that might well have seen wombats and 24-hour drunks.

Well, the tours should be a lot quicker.....

He'll probably end up in Paris someday....Paris TX.

LeDud, while he's in Paris, he can take quickie side trips to Rhome, Venus, and even Miami.

Six of one, but on the plus side there are a lot fewer snakes.

No wonder the airfare was so reasonable!

If you think he's confused now, just wait until they offer space travel and he end up in Uranus Missouri or Moon, Pennsylvania.

"Comrade, welcome to Moscow. Home of the world's largest potato chip. Are you staying for the Idaho Mr Potato Head Festival?"

"No, I am here to join the march on Washington - we are protesting the inhumane treatment of dum pepl. Which direction is west?"

Instead of Skippy the kangaroo he found Skippy peanut butter,
Instead of Paul Hogan he found Hulk Hogan,
Instead of shrimps on the barbie he dined on fried prairie oysters.

@Rod - Also in Texas: Bethlehem, Shiloh, Palestine, Carthage, and Athens.
East Texas, that is

Does this mean it's time for another benefit concert to help this man attain his dream vacation?

@Rod And if he goes to Disneyland, he can see Pluto.

@David Puddy He can see Uranus, not mine.

And he VOTES.

I would have just stayed there. It sounds like the people were pretty nice. I've flown almost to Australia a couple of times (the Philippines) and it's a long, long, long flight. I don't plan on doing it again.

Education leaders keep telling us that IQ really doesn’t matter. Uh-huh.

Another upside: Montana has Chinese spy balloons

@Steverino But can he see your plunger?

Australia has Crocodile Dundie.

Montana has Prairie Dog Jimmy-Joe.

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