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February 04, 2023


Leave the beer outside.

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who says "I object, Your Honor! Corona Light isn't really 'beer'!")


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Not a good ”Hold my beer and watch this” occasion.

I always thought light beer was made with light water.

But he looks so honest and sincere in his mugshot!

Just another long-term 'rona victim.

Proposed Corona Light beer commercial during Superbowl MMXXIII-CXVVVIIIVIIXXXXXXXXXXX47hike.

You don't have to leave your DNA on an empty bottle while robbing a bank. *Insert mugshot here*. Just enjoy Corna Light at home or with friends, anytime. Don't let your extensive criminal background get in the way. Lighten up with Corona light. Buy it by the case number 66623111.

"The warrant was served to him in the Burlington County Jail, where he was awaiting trial for a separate offense."

So, obviously he's being framed. Again.

Allen at Division's objection sustained.

Hope this dosen't become an epidemic

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