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February 07, 2023


Water service restored after shutdown prompted by sewage backup in the Legislature

(Thanks to Laura)


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Here in Texas, I suspect most people figure backed-up sewage in the Capitol IS the Legislature.

"The Legislative Assembly is not currently sitting."

I don't want to know.

Dealing with plumbing at those temperatures is not fun, and Iqaluit has air access only at this time of year if they need parts. Infrastucture all over Nunavut is falling apart, and billions of dollars promised by the Canadian federal government when it was created was never paid, leaving the legislature and local communities to deal with crap like this with few resources. And the Polar Bears don't shit in the woods because there aren't any — it's all tundra.

Everything rolls down hill, especially new legislation and taxation.

Where is plunger-swinging naked Des Moines man when you need him?

How did they recognize there was a sewer problem? Their socks got wet?

The Florida legislature has had a sewer backup for years.

Gives new meaning to "Drain the Swamp"

After coming to read our water meter, the Japanese water company used to leave a paper that said (in English, no less!): Notice of your water and sewage consumption. Now they have changed it to: Notice of water and sewage usage…. I rather preferred the term “sewage consumption,” myself.

Plumber is on speed dial.

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