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February 07, 2023


Naked man ran through Des Moines hotel swinging toilet plunger, police say

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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He's the Zorro of Iowa

"If you plunge it, they will come."

Unfortunately, "they" are the police.

Sounds like streaking is making a comeback.

TikTok challenge?

He looks ..... sober ?

Are we sure that was a toilet plunger?

When he got where he was going, I hope he used the right tool for the job.

*Your Ron Jeremy joke here*

Those swingers are everywhere!

Sounds like just another Friday night in Des Moines.

How many plugged toilets do they have in that hotel?

When ya gotta, ya gotta go.

In the interest of public safety, don't do anything about him until he's over the ocean.

Here is an example where AI will never fully take over. The world will always need somebody that can use a plunger properly and willing to drop everything (except the plunger) and race to your pesky clog problem.

"Sargant, has He come down yet and have you interviewed Trevyn Wayne Hill and found who his supplier is?"

"He insists it's Home Depot."

Snorks to all! esp JG and Pullet Surprise \(^.^)/

I don't get it - he's caught on camera, there are multiple witnesses who saw him running around and activating fire alarms .. yet he pleads Not Guilty.

Does he just not understand the question?

At least it was a toilet plunger, not a toilet snake.

“What happens in Vegas, goes to Des Moines.”

If Hollywood ever makes a live-action Captain Underpants movie, they need to give this guy a call. (Google “Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets”)

Dalek wannabe.

Doctor Who fans will get it.

MOTW that was my first thought too. If you're going to do something this dumb at least own up to it.
His parents must be so proud of him.

"That wasn't me."

I bet it wasn't even your plunger.

@Clankie - Okay, if it’s the Atlantic Ocean. Not okay if it’s the Pacific, because that would land him in my backyard.

He was busy showing off his "shortcomings".

Then there was the 90 year old man who attempted a rape of an 18 year old woman. He was charged with "assault with a dead weapon".

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