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February 04, 2023


‘Swingers’ swap upside-down pineapples for color-coded loofahs

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias and John Lobert)


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Could be amusing if those things get bleached in the sun.

The Villages, redefining the meaning of Club Med...

...or, The Villages, Rock Out With Your (loofah) Out!

The Villages are full of far right-wing nutcases.

A perfect example of the saying "Idle hands are the devil's playground".

My parents lived west of Phoenix in Surprise. They said that an earlier Del Webb condo, Sun City West, had an outbreak of various STDs from all the winging going on there.

On the pus side, it's so hot & humid here that furries are few and far between.

Dave, this reminds me of your colored sucker-dart launcher column. I just can't remember the color of the dart reserved for the Pontiac Aztek, "a vehicle so ugly it can cause retinal damage"

What color stands for, "Leave me alone you crazy nuts!"?

Some time ago I saw a poster on a dance club "Swing Night today, everyone is invited!".
So I went in to watch those swingers, and they were just dancing, perverts.

Seedy Gonzales.

Wow, this story sure has a different wrinkle to it. I bet these are the same folks that compete at the Leisure Suit Convention held every year in Iowa. My parents won the 'Most Combustible Leisure Suit' award one year. I will tell them there is still an opportunity to dance your socks off and not get so sweaty. What is the website for this place?

Hey Steverino, there are plenty of left wing nutcases too.

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