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February 06, 2023


Hi again

I hope you haven't minded my making contact from out of the blue.


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Mind? We love to throw witty darts at stuff like this.

'Bye again.


I want to thank you for previously offering that article on a nipple falling off from vigorous breast feeding. Pardon me but that allows us to talk about this little known avian classification - Tits. Bush tits, Coal Tits, Carp tits, Tufted Tits, Marsh Tits, and my favorite Great Tits.

Thank you,

Admiral Richard Byrd
1 Santa Clause Lane
(Not Bi-polar)
The Bottom of the World

Christopher Robin
The House at Pooh Corners
Three-acre Wood

Well blue is Dave's favorite color.

I hope you haven't minded my ignoring you.

Speaking of out of the blue,


Anything that you keep (whether stolen or given to you) from someone’s house after you’ve slept with them.

As long as it stops, soon.

Will Dave add an AI feature to this blog? I mean will I be able to find an answer to this question: My sister has a lot of body and facial hair; could it be that our Mother was accosted by Big Foot during a casual walk in the woods? In other words, Big Foot 'knew' our Mother. I would use the word copulate but I am afraid the DBblog software would cancel my post for swearing.

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