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February 06, 2023


Model Walks Ramp With Tablecloth Dress With Food On It At Copenhagen Fashion Week

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I notice she is not dragging along the diners that were obviously still eating when she walked away with the table cloth. So are they all going to chip in to split the cost of the dinner? How much will they tip the waiter?

Should make for an interesting time when somebody dresses up in this to go out to eat.

Is this where the term "fashion plate" comes i?

As long as surgeons don't start staggering around dragging stuff from the OR behind them, I'm OK with the dining motif.

When it comes to inappropriate objects attached to dresses, nobody has yet to beat the original.

If it wasn't desert, I'm not interested.

Looks delicious! Is there a link to the recipe for that dress?

So far, she's the strongest candidate I've seen for the cover of National Restaurant Association Illustrated.

Feb 6, '23

Nothing says sexy like a spilled dish of pickled herring.

@wanderer - thank you, sir! Bravo indeed

This is what happens when you starve your models.

^5 @Meanie the Blue!

*Snork* @ Meanie and MOTW

Personally I think the Bialystock & Bloom tabletop dress looks much better. But it's not making the fashion show rounds until springtime.

A crazier idea than I thought. But I firmly believe that professional models can do this.

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