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February 03, 2023


Quebec's Weather Groundhog Was Found Dead On Groundhog Day

(Thanks to many people)


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Six more weeks of apocalypse.

You know the squirrels ordered the hit.

And in the LAST place they looked! Coincidence? I think not.

Is Quebec on High Alert?

He (it?) is a mere shadow of his former self, so we're getting more winter

RIP Fred

We hardly knew ye.

Well, on the plus side, next Ground Hog Day won't be as traumatic for poor Ol' Fred.

And what was in North America at the same time?


My way of paying tribute to Fred. Horse, groundhog same, same.

I am confused - why isn't ground hog two words? Ground hog. Why aren't these things thrown into the same category with feral pigs? "What's for dinner?" "Ground hog." "Oh, boy, sausage." So is the female ground hog referred to as a sow and the male a boar?

@Pullet S - Ground hogs are he-chucks and she-chucks.

Groundhog day is the day to eat pork sausage. Pork sausage is ground hog.

Does anybody have recipe for marmot poutine?

Personally, I blame Big Weather.

Maybe he wasn't really dead. Maybe he was playing possum.

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