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January 18, 2023


Chilly raccoon becomes stuck to the railway by his testicle hair after temperatures plummet to -12C before railway workers free him using warm water and a shovel

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Unlike squirrels, raccoons are careless with their nuts.

We've all been there, ...oh the humanity!

Railway workers: ok, little guy, close your eyes ….

'I poured the warm water under his bottom while a co-worker worked the shovel under his butt to try and break him loose.'

Ay yi-yi.

It was a triple dog dare!

So it doesn't just happen to politicians. Good to know.

I'm told that if you want to prevent sticking it helps to rub the item in question with a sliced raw onion. God only knows WHAT'S going on in the Philipines.


Any male species that has to have his frozen testicles pried & unstuck from a cold, steel surface with a shovel, would definitely be railing and wailing in pain.

He must be one eunuch raccoon now.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I had some Chili Raccoon at the corner food truck

Strangers Removed My Frozen Testicles From a Train with a Shovel.

- AH

Rejected sequel to The Birds. The Racoons.

What do you do with a raccoon with one ball?

Walk him and pitch to the rabbit.

(Yes, I know. It makes no sense...)

They thought the raccoon would be OK after his traumatic rescue, but now he walks around with a pronounced limp and has two black eyes.

The raccoon told a bartender this was a one-time event.

"Why is that?" asked the barkeep.

"Because I don't have the balls to do it again," replied the raccoon.

Glad the animal's sex was disclosed cause if it was a female racoon that would have set off a whole bunch of rounds of comment about racoon clitorises (clitori?) which take up room for relevant discussions on this blog.

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