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January 07, 2023


...they get REALLY wacky.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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The Cox-Zucker machine's name is just another inconsistqncy given the vulgarities of the english language.

" an elliptic surface E → S, where S is isomorphic to the projective line."

Well, that's what some people call it.

Any relation to David Zucker and Jerry Zucker of Airplane! fame?

ZaCox–Zucker Machine later formed Zager and Evans Sexual Activity Experience.

Rutgers faculty. Fuggetaboutit.

Personally, I found the Heine-Borel Covering Theorem to be more distasteful. Could never decide whether Heine was covering Borel or vice versa. All I knew was I hated both of them.


Well better isomophic than homomorphic IYKWIMAITYD.

Mention of the Heine-Borel theorem sent me back a few decades to a simpler time when I was trying to slog through Rudin’s Principles of Real Analysis. It has been a long time since I’ve though about compact sets, covers and subcovers. You never know where this blog will take you.

Didja hear about the guy whose wife sent him to Cox's to buy a searsucker suit, but he went to Sears?

(Prehistoric joke)

This math is easily solved with the cumtrapz function:


I saw Machine Head open for Rage Against the Cox-Zucker Machine. Banging show.

In my hometown they have the Lester E Cox Medical Center…
They also have what’s known as “sucker days“ when people try and catch a small bottom feeding fish that is native to the local creeks around there…
It was just a matter of time that a local online satire magazine posted the following:
“Cox hospital sponsors local fishing festival. Will henceforth be known as Cox Sucker Days”

Whoever wrote all that is a cunning linguist.

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