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January 19, 2023


Rat poison found in Taco Bell takeout order, authorities say

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and pharmaross)


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Of course, it was in a box labelled "Seasoning".

Yo quiero un abogado.

Their food already makes me sick. Now they’re just trying too hard.

Someone who worked there obviously resented the guy washing his hands at the beverage bar drink dispenser.

“Rat poison” is frequently a substance known as warfarin, which is a drug many people take who need blood thinners to prevent heart attacks and strokes. It takes a significant amount of it to kill a human. This sounds like an attempt to kill or harm someone by a person unfamiliar with poisons and their effects.

This just confirms my experience that Taco Bell is a great place to eat if you want rapid explosive weight loss.

It is nice to know they provide information on the victim's bowl functioning. It said he was a 'regular patron'. Just like I am a regular reader of the DBblog.

Is that part of the standard order or do you have to request it specifically?

They didn't find any rats in the order so it must be working.

When even the Diablo sauce isn't enough.

Apparently they ran out of the rat poison at this location...

Run for the ER!
About a year ago a youngish person told me they loved Taco Bell and I went into "old lady" mode and told them how much better it was in the 1980s when they used fresh ingredients and real meat. Now I'll have to add that they didn't have rat poison in their meat either.

I was a Taco Bell Employee of the Month, July 1978. I'm nearly certain we didn't put any rat poison in orders.

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