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January 23, 2023


Octopus tentacle ear plugs coming to Japanese capsule toy machines

(Thanks to Ralph and pharmaross)


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They look more like Chthulu tentacles to me. Hmmm, how deep do those things go in?

Still better than duck penis ear plugs.

@cfjk: Or whale penis ear plugs.

And you can sing along to the octopus tentacle ear bud tunes at the choral reef.

The octopus ear bud manufacturer bribed the reporter with a complimentary pair to get free publicity.

It's a classic case of squid pro quo.

How is it we never knew how much we needed these ?


The leading sentence put me off right away: "I’m a sucker for stylish ear protection."

Not very subtle. Not nearly as clever as pharmaross' puns.

@Jim - ouch. I'd cross my legs .. if I had them.

@Jim Or cat penis ear plugs.

For me, this discussion is just pretty much, (more or less) in one ear and out the other.

Guess the song 'Octopus's Garden' by Richard Starkey has finally caught on after languishing for years as a historical novelty hit song from 1969. Plant your own octopus's garden in your own ears. Still to be resolved is what to do with the remaining six tentacles.

There's a sucker borne every mini-mute.

I always thought an octopus was 8 cats.

@Steverino That's sounds like an asteroid load of cats.

The problem with these that I see, if you went swimming with them on you would become a lure for sharks and sperm whales. Other than that I'd buy a pair.

@pharmaross - or, squids go pro

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