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January 19, 2023


Man Finds $5,000 in McDonald's Drive-Thru Order

(Thanks to nursecindy and pharmaross)


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Does it have to be McDonalds? I want some good food.

So McDonald's is now having to pay people to eat there?

I would have returned the money to Wendy's because their fries are preferred almost

Almost 2 to 1 over Macdonald's.

He is a hero of sorts.

Hey, He could be asked to throw out the first pitch.

If things keep going the way they are, that's what a hamburger and fries will cost in the future.

Was there a horse in the back seat?

I would consider the cash reparations for my 3-stent Big Mac Attack angioplasty and call it a day.

Drats, it was ALMOST the perfect crime.

I can't even get them to give me an extra pack of ketchup or dipping sauce.

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