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January 18, 2023


40-foot endangered sperm whale washes ashore in Oregon

(Thanks to many people)


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“Ya think we used enough dynamite there Butch?”

Stay tuned ! MORE AT ELEVEN!

Some unpleasant weather ahead for the Oregon coast.

Keep moving, nothing to see here.

If a 40ft sperm whqle has washed ashore, I don't think it's a prime concern regarding any question of the species' survivability.

Fire in the hole!

They should have dispatched Paul Linnman to cover the story, since he has experience.

I think we need to call in Super Dave Osborne. He would know what to do.

If the highway department doesn't learn from the past and use MORE dynamite than last time, it'll be a real shame.

Everybody on the beach was surprised when a dog appeared with a sex toy in his mouth, who promptly dropped the toy and made off with the whale. Maybe he dropped Moby's dick for the whole fish. Guess he was attracted to the fish since it was identified as a sperm whale. Did anybody on the beach try to look inside the fish to see if Pinocchio or Jonah might be in there? "Hallo, Pinocchio, I am a big fan." I can see where people on the beach might be reluctant to help remove the whale as they did not have a current fishing license.

Well, they know what to do. And what not to do.

The order for sixteen tons of dynamite has been placed.

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