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January 18, 2023


A Canadian woman who caused $10 million in damages after driving drunk, crashing into a house and causing an explosion is now suing the concert venue that provided her alcoholic beverages — as she claims the owners are to blame.

(Thanks to klezmerphan and vee)


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Clearly the couple that trapped themselves in dog crates are to blame, as they weren’t available to stop her from drinking and driving.

These kids today . . .

Daniella Leis -->
I'll Need Alias
Alas idle lien
Allied Aliens
Nailed Allies

In her defense, that house never should have been there.

I would bet big bucks that her father is:
A ) not lending her his car keys anymore, and
B ) not accepting any of her ride offers

This month, she and father Shawn Leis filed a lawsuit against Ovations Ontario Food Services, the company that distributed the hooch. They claim that the libations purveyor shares liability for the blast on the grounds that staffers “ejected Leis from the venue while failing to take steps to ensure she would not drive home.”

Really? Servers have the right to refuse service to someone impaired to the point that they feel further alcohol consumption would become a liability.
Do all servers actually do that? (no)
Their lawsuit claims that bartenders, bouncers, management failed "to take steps to ensure she would not drive home."
So they want all personnel to take away the keys of a person too impaired to drive? Like that won't invite numerous lawsuits for touching customers to grab the keys and if they resist, they could incur injuries. There ain't enough teeth for that to stick, it seems - Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Too bad she is Canadian, otherwise we could send her to Congress, or at least she would be a prime candidarte for the next Mrs. George Santos.

If she filed that lawsuit here in North Carolina, she'd win.

In cases where overserving results in injury, the restaurant or bar also may be liable for the damages that result.

Because of this law most bartenders just call the cops on people who get too drunk and refuse to allow someone else to drive them home.

If the drunkenness fits, you must acquit.

A Canadian woman walked into a concert venue...

I'm actually sort of impressed that a simple, drunken, one-car accident could do $10 million worth of damage to a whole block of houses. She probably couldn't have done that on purpose.

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