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January 22, 2023


Teacher gobsmacked after parent gives identical twins near-identical names

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w)


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On the gobsmackedness continuum, would she be less flabbergasted if the twins were named Thing 1 and Thing 2?

Here is a complete transcript of an "On the Road" segment by Charles Kuralt. I am not making this up.

KURALT: This is the Spivey family of Blacfoot, Idaho. What's your name?
CHILD #1: Berry.
CHILD #2: Zerry.
CHILD #3: Perry.
CHILD #4: Cherry.
CHILD #5: Terry.
KURALT: Is that all?
MRS. SPIVEY: No, we have four more. One's in the Marine Corps, and two are visiting their grandparents, and one is babysitting.
KURALT: What are their names?
MRS. SPIVEY: Jerry, Sherry, Merry, and Kerry.
KURALT: Mr. Spivey, how did this happen?
MR. SPIVEY: Well, we started off as a typical American family, two kids. We had Jerry and Terry, and then we had Sherry. Then we had Merry, and we thought it would be cute to make it rhyme, so we spelled it M-E-R-R-Y, and then, when my wife the following year was on her annual vacation up in the maternity ward, she had a little girl, and we didn't want to name it Sue or something that didn't rhyme, and she'd grow up thinkin' we didn't love her, so we named her Kerry, and then the next year another one, and on and on and on.
KURALT: Can you name them all?
MR. SPIVEY: Chronologically: Jerry, Terry, Sherry, Merry, Kerry, Cherry, Perry, Zerry, and Berry.
KURALT: What's your name?

They should have named one twin Kate and her twin sister Duplikate.

Remember these TV characters? Juan one & Juan two. This is my brother, Daryl, & this is my other brother Daryl.

Pete and Repeat.

I met two sets of twins in school: Carolyn and Marilyn, and Trey (boy) and Tracy (girl). This article did not give the names of which the teacher objected.

@MOTW - Yes, I was expecting that information, too. Great minds think alike. Or, as I am fonder of saying, fools seldom differ. :-)

The gobsmackery bar is set REALLY REALLY low.

I concur, Steverino.
If the bar sinks any lower we'll be talking about "shinsmackery".

Parents giving their kids too-similar names has always been an I-know-it's-none-of-my-business-but-STILL pet peeve of mine. When I was eight years old and read Beverly Cleary's Ramona Forever (fiction, just so we're clear...y), I got really irritated that Ramona's parents named her new baby sister "Roberta." C'mon, mix it up a little, I thought. There's gonna be confusion when you yell up the stairs for one of them. Call her Fleagle, Jazzica, Poop-Head Nellie, something.


That is too funny, and apropos! @MOTW

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