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January 16, 2023


Woman gobsmacked after finding how badly someone parked next to her car

(Thanks to pharmaross)

Julia Roberts gobsmacked to discover she isn’t actually Julia Roberts on Finding Your Roots

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)

People gobsmacked as hotel charges guests £41 just for opening mini fridge

(Thanks to Rick Day)

What we're learning is that anyone, anywhere, can be gobsmacked at any time by anything.


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Does anyone know what the odds are for a gobsmacking trifecta?

Where’s all the news of nonplussed reactions of late!?!

What's the charge for opening the bathroom door?

I'm not sure I'd be gobsmacked about the mini fridge but somebody would get smacked hard if they tried to charge me $50.00 for just opening the door of it.

The woman with the car should call the cops so they can join in on her gobsmackery of the parking job.

A few years ago after my mom died, my dad got into genealogy and did both sides of my family tree. My brother and I did one of the DNA tests and my test showed my Jewish grandparents DNA but my brother's didn't. I told him it was because that was the "smart" gene so I wasn't surprised he didn't have it.
I'm not particularly proud of telling him that.

Love this conversation. Was playing Scrabble with my wife and she played 'smacked' to use all her letters and across a red square for triple word. I played right after her and put 'gob' in front of the 'smacked'. She said she had never heard of such word. I showed her examples in the DBBlog of how it is a commonly used word in a prestigious national web site. So thbpppt to her and thanks all you intelligent by any first letter of your last name contributors.

I have an ex-friend who used to travel back in the days when hotels would charge for the use of the in-room safe, as they were a novelty at the time. He decided to play with programming the digital lock, so opened and closed the safe several dozen times. There was an $87 fee at check-out for a safe he never actually used.

BTW, the reason he is an ex-friend? I had him arrested. Trust me, he deserved it. While at his house, I noticed he was drunk, and witnessed him physically attack his wife (Now his ex-wife, thankfully), so I had to leave and call 911.

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