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January 15, 2023


Everything We Saw at the 2023 Cleveland Boat Show

(Thanks to Ericy Y, who says "Scroll down to photo #6. What's more dangerous than a great white?")


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Just wait until they start riding jetskis!

Won't their nuts get wet???

Still better than having them frozen.

The late Andrew Rooney wrote about attending the National Boat Show in New York.

"The 'Super Sport' is 44 feet long and sells for a special boat show price of only $318,000. (This was in the mid-'80s.) That's with air conditioning, of course. You wouldn't want a cheap boat that wasn't air conditioned, would you, sailor?

"I'm always surprised to see a boat that's air-conditioned because I thought the point of a boat was to get out into the open air."

"I like boats, but all but a very few people tire quickly of boats as toys. It accounts for why many of those grand boats at the boat show will spend most of their lives motionless, empty and moored up to a dock, some with their air conditioning on."

I always thought that the word boat stood for, Break Out Another Thousand.
I've never been on a boat although if there was a possibility of seeing water skiing squirrels I might change my mind about them.
btw Dave, whatever happened to Buster Boat?

A wise old sage once said...

"If it flies, floats, or [another 'f' word], it's cheaper to rent it."

Have you ever wondered how they became to be so athletic?

I have a sneaking suspicion this guy lives two doors down the street from me.

Those damn squirrels are from Florida! Why they would want to come to Cleveland in January, I don’t know. But get them out of here


Did they let my 7-year-old grandson take those pictures? Except for the squirrels those pictures are horrible.

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