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January 18, 2023


Flight attendants caught smuggling 27 kg of onions into Philippines

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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This is a crying shame.

I heard onions are a gateway food to rutabagas.

They could have been preparing for a drive-by fruiting!

Onions are the root of all evil & that's not just chive talking.

Finally, an onion ring crackdown!

The contraband onions were packaged to look like legal food items.

Wouldn't that make the smugglers wrap-scallions?

Were they discovered during a body cavity check?

This was supposed to be a top secret smuggling investigation and the fact it was made public, is attributable to leeks.

Once the initial investigation is completed it will be revealed that this was a multi-layered criminal organization.

@pharmaross - I can't tell if your puns are making me cry or the onions.
keep up the good work

Airport officials investigating reported this story had a familiar ring to it: Onion - Kingdom: Plantae; Class: Liliopsida ; Order: Asparagales ; Family: Alliaceae ; Genus: Allium ; Species: A. cepa.

One person was identified as The Lady of Shallot Tennyson.

Credit goes to the onion sniffing dogs.

The Philippine Customs Tariff Law and Presidential Decree 1433 also sates, "hiding onions in da doilet on international flights is strictly pordivited."

I agree with MOTW. Keep up the good work, pharmaross!

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