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January 19, 2023


A bank customer was arrested after allegedly using a hammer to pound on an ATM after he could not get his card back.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Did he get his card back..?

In Texas we'd just load the ATM in the back of the pickup and take it home. Then we could get the card back on our own time.

Retrieving ATM Card Soundtrack...

I once had a big check deposit get jammed in a drive-through bank ATM. The tellers inside told me they couldn't help; the local staff didn't service the ATM. So instead of a hammer, I used needle nose pliers to fish out the deposit, then duct-taped the deposit slot. I was tempted to put glue in first, but someone else's deposit was already stuck farther in. Maybe if I had tried to force it down with a hammer and screwdriver the staff would have been more helpful?

Always resist the inclination to use more force by simply getting a bigger hammer.

A reminder to be careful how you treat your machines.

Next time instead of the ATM try the MickeyD's drive thru window.

In high school, we would put bubblegum in the coin change return slots on multiple vending machines in the cafeteria. The coins would back up in the machines throughout the day

Shortly after the end of classes, we'd return & reach up and unplug the coin return slots. The coins spilled out like a winning slot machine in Vegas.

Bottle cap incentives by Pepsi & Coke were also popular back in the 60s. In order to get more bottle caps, we'd tie a string onto a magnet and hit every vending machine at nearby gas stations and retrieve the caps from a well built into the machines. We'd cash in the caps for the prizes printed on the underside of the pop tops.

Small time larcenies in a blue collar hood... but have repented my sins many times over since.

Re Our Gang Member's comment: hey, I won quite a few of the Coke $100 prizes by extracting bottle caps from a coke machine and gluing the liner onto this entry card. Was able to buy a new set of tires for my Pinto.

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